kita tahu hidup susah..

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I missed u a lot blog..

a lot more than you've ever think..

so much to write..since my previous laptop broke down 3 weeks ago..

I won my second paintball game in Frontier Paintball at bray..

I got a new n97 Mini..

I fell in love with neuroanat.

I watched Japan Movie Proposal dakusen..

I adore Che Guevara..

my parent went to pilgrimage..

I fell in love with wani again and ended up with unexpected quarrel again and again..

I need to lead my university Volleyball team to fight against RCSI..

I use my Ipod as the subtitute for my laptop..

My study was like 3 weeks behind everybody of course for the laptop reason...

I skipped classes to wait for delivery..

I hate Dell Customer Service more than ever...

I still continue my quranic Circle..

and the best thing about it is I got this brand new laptop named Dell Studio 15 with superb i7 processor..

the rest is not that worth mentioning...

And I will continue blogging as usual...

And I love you blog...much..much..

do keep me company when my wani don't want to talk to me ok?

love u...from your author,

-Amaluddin Razali-